The march.

"A long painful death is what you deserve."
                       Ceremony - Walking Home

What if once we stop growing
and we start dying,
that is our death?
A march to the end, and
we get to choose how it is.
Days spent trolling away behind a desk,
spending our nights drinking in hopes of finding our fun-
our fleeting joy.
traveling to places some dream about,
truly enjoying the worlds closing lights.
We determine what we deserve.

"I can only say that I could not make this way my own. For I have found the constant, everlasting weather of man’s life to be, not love, but loneliness. Love itself is not the weather of our lives. It is the rare, the precious flower. Sometimes it is the flower that gives us life, that breaches the dark walls of all our loneliness and restores us to the fellowship of life, the family of the earth, the brotherhood of man. But sometimes love is the flower that brings us death; and from it we get pain and darkness; and the mutilations of the soul, the maddening of the brain, may be in it."

"Gods Lonely Man" - Thomas Wolfe